Instead of relishing the crisp, fresh mountain air over Christmas, my entire family, except for me, has somehow fallen ill (flu/cough) due to overexposure to the elements.  This weekend was spent heating up food and trying to convince my parents to eat a tiny bit of something despite their lack of appetite.  I'm hoping that they'll recover in time for a proper 2013 send off because no one wants to start 2014 ill, especially when there are boundless amounts of champagne and other bubblies to consume.

In other news, after weeks of searching, I've finally found a simple, cute little bungalow for this week's Hey Homey post.  Unlike a lot of the million-dollar mansions I find, this one has all the trappings of a real life house, even though the $400,000 price tag betrays the sky rocketing home prices in the hot little historic neighborhood in Houston.  It would need a few upgrades but what an adorable little backyard space and it does look so bright throughout.