Haiku me!

My friend Amy has a theory that men are haikus.  Interpret that as you will but we must have killed a few hours one afternoon coming up with several of them, some poignant and some hilarious.  So without further ado, here's the newest addition, a la Rooth, to our weekly poetry slams.

Silver tongued surfer:
White-capped waves crash on the shore
Milky Way moonlight

Please send me the original haikus about the men in your life here and I'll include them in the poetry slam next week.


  1. Hahaha...good analogy. Men are like haikus....sometimes profound, sometimes pointless.

  2. Lol haikus? What's that :P
    Lovely short sweet poem you
    have written! Xx

  3. I get nervous whenever the words "men" and "slam" end up in the same sentence. *smiles, backs away slowly*

  4. I'm a freelance writer (did you know this? surely yes) and one of my clients is a legal company for whom I write content for newsletters. I work for this woman whose emails regularly come in the form of haikus, and when I say that I mean, she's not trying to write haikus...they just end up that feeling way. Things like: "This looks good. We should ask him. Make sure they're going forward."

    The southerner in me says "bless her heart."

    So my most recent haiku was actually for a man. A neighbor asked for sweet and funny and thoughtful notes for a book she was putting together for her husband's 50th, and this is what I gave her: (he's a longboard skateboarder)

    dad on a longboard
    he glides swiftly down the street
    fifty is nifty

    meh. (but it got the job done.) I'll have to think of one for Neel. I LOVE haiku!

  5. I'm incapable of writing haikus. I'm too wordy for that kind of stuff. and I don't get them either. the art of it is totally lost on me. maybe that's why I'm single???

  6. i like the top comment, haha. okay well i am seriously going to have to think on this. i have written a lot of poetry, formulaic most certainly included, but a haiku, never. but i will give it a try for you <3

    (ps. i finally picked up a couple of the comic books, chew - they have such high ratings and reviews so i went with that. i also picked up the last two walking dead books and this one: saga. have you read that?)

  7. I couldn't think of anything after the first line of "Afraid of peacocks..." so I think the enigma that is Jamal will have to remain so ;) So neat you participate in poetry slams! xo

  8. Brilliant analogy, even though I'm not sure I fully understand it. Then again, I also don't fully understand men or some haikus for that matter. Hence, the brilliance of the analogy.

  9. Wow amazing scenery!


  10. Ha! I'm always amazed at people who can come up with haikus off the top of their heads. I have a couple of friends who text in haiku . . . they see who will be the first to break it. :)

  11. Oh.... I'm going to write one up right now!

    7% Solution


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