Thanks to all those who were brave enough to share your haikus with me.  Here are a few "Men as Haikus" I received last week.  Again, feel free to drop yours off here and I'll share them next week.

Haiku #1

Bookstore barista
"Let me buy you a book hon"
He has a wife, whoops

Haiku #2

dad on a longboard
he glides swiftly down the street
fifty is nifty

Haiku #3

Pompous architect:
Dude, don't you dare touch my hair.
Rooftop view ruined


  1. Those are awesome! How did I miss this post?!? Freelancing is making me too busy? How's the weather in TX now? I hope you're defrosting from last week and getting to enjoy the advent season a bit. Cheers and I'll be adding my man-i-ku now.

  2. These are great. Thanks for sharing, Rooth:D

  3. Some men can be weird
    What's with all the hair touching?
    There ARE nice guys too.

  4. Yeah, what's with the creepy men? Although my #2 guy is kinda creepy too, but you couldn't really write that in a birthday haiku. Fifty still creepy? ;)

    These are great!

  5. That first one is hilarious. I wanted to participate except I'm no good at haikus!

  6. These. Are. GOLD. "he has a wife, whoops" just about killed me. xo

  7. these are all so good! but, ah, i dropped the ball! next time, next time. and if i forget harass me because i literally have the worst memory of anyone i have ever met.

  8. Those are so awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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