Did this weekend find you gathered around a crackling wood-burning fire, sipping hot cocoa with loads of marshmallows?  I know that up in the Northeast, you all had some sort of insane-o snow storm, while here in Texas, we are back to the 60s.  After the freak ice storm last week, the state has decided that it's spring again and we're getting some balmy weather as a result.  I'll admit, I didn't spend too much time outside, instead spending more time inside watching every shoddy movie that FXX and TNT slopped on tv this weekend (not even going to see The Hobbit 2 - I KNOW).  But we're journeying to the snow and mountains Gandalf, I want to see mountains again very very soon and doing a proper White Christmas so there's plenty of outdoor adventure time to look forward to.

The twinkling lights in the house this week only cost a cool $3.5MM and I think we can all agree that the home could use some warming up (real furniture and real lives).  But even despite all the sad staging, I could imagine myself doing some real damage in the chef's kitchen and throwing the swankiest New Year's Eve party in my own private cabana.  Of course y'all are all invited - black tie dress code please.