Zen Garden
There are those who will trod on your life, leaving footprints where they have no right to be.  Erasing them, raking them clean like a zen garden, which you want with all your might to be done quietly and expeditiously, will take patience and care.  This fall has been tromping footprints all over the damn place, not at any fault of its own.  Disruption of routine, of what I know and what I believed to be true, has occurred on a more frequent basis than I appreciate and I'm wiping my hands clean of the whole row.  It's time to pick up the rake that I so carelessly flung in the corner and begin anew.  Because who will tend to the garden, if not me.  Who will sculpt the path that I want to take, mold the person I hope to become and invest all that time?

December is my month.  It's the month of sparkles and pinpricks of light, buried a midst the month of shortest days and coldest nights.  It's the month of bringing friend, family and the outdoors in and holding them close to your heart.  In this month of hustle and bustle, please don't forget about yourself.  Don't allow your garden to go neglected and turn into a jumble of rocks and pebbles.  Take time to do what you love for those that you love and slow down and breathe (I really need those as tattoos, don't I).