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This 'little bit' post is purely for and about gifts for moi, which I can get away with this week.  I may or may not be a little obsessed with paper (read: I'm totally and completely obsessed with paper), which all stems from having a great pen pal in my cousin Regina ever since we were wee kiddos.  I wrote her on an almost weekly basis and our correspondence is now over two decades long.  I've saved all of her letters in a shoe box at home, stickered envelopes and all.  We still communicate via letter, although not as frequently - I think it's a habit that's too tough to break.

I've also been an obsessive journal-er / diarist for just as long.  My dad gave me a banker's book as a journal in the second grade and I've never turned back.  Most recently, I've been writing in a Leuchtturm 1917, having switched over from the Moleskines I've been so fond of.  PS - Leuchtturm = Awesome.  The pages are numbered and there's a DIY table of contents in the front.  I'm thinking of trying Rhodia next if I ever finish all the blank notebooks that I've been accruing.

I have only recently discovered the wonders of Life Japanese notebooks and paper and received a personalized Minted journal for an early birthday gift.  It's completely wonderful when you have friends who understand you and what you like - best presents ever.  But just in case they don't, click on the links for some stationery goodies that you can treat yourself to this holiday season.  Or me if you're feeling generous.