Riding on Sunday - via my Instagram
This morning, I escaped through a heavy fog to the peace and quiet of the countryside for a nice ride and good chat with my trainer.  By car, the trip is an hour long but totally worth it.  There's something calming and relaxing about getting out into the countryside and being surrounded by the whisper of trees and chirping of birds.

I would gladly cough up the $16 million to purchase this perfectly manicured equestrian estate in California.  Although it's not at as cute as my trainer's barn, I think I could get used to the chandeliered barns and lush green pastures.  Just add some guinea fowl and a few dozen dogs and I'll feel right as home*.

*Sorry that today's "Hey Homey" post isn't exactly house-centric but I haven't found anything awesome in the real estate market recently.  When I find something cute, I'll be sure to share again.