A wonderfully mushy, slushy, fluffy, white Christmas.  We actually had one.  In Texas.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself!

The snow started coming down hard on the afternoon of Christmas Day and we ended up getting three inches of build up!  My dad and sister had a snowball fight in the backyard and the temperatures have been low enough that the snow still hasn't melted.  It actually looks like a winter wonderland and makes all of us, even the oldies, feel like kids again.  Today I'm hoping that we'll make a big pot of chili, buy some marshmallows and roast them by the fire.  I think the weather out-shined any of the gifts that we received for Christmas, however I did get to break in my new STAND MIXER last night that my sister got me.  Hip hip hooray!

I hope that you all have had a joyous, happy and warm holiday season and are getting some time off from work before the New Year.  I have some big things that I will be sharing with you all soon enough and then it's on to 2013!