There's been a proliferation of gold and silver twinkling and glittering things this holiday season - not that I have any problems with that.  I actually hung Christmas lights on our balcony and have managed to only smash one bulb in the sliding patio door.  I've also been baking a boatload of Christmas cookies - spiced eggnog cookies and the chocolate crinkle cookies that Anna shared here.  It has been quite fun sharing my baked creations with friends and I wish I could send some of them to you all.  Christmas is exactly a week away <yikes> and I also hope you haven't been procrastinating like my sister and actually have some holiday shopping completed.  Although, the sales only seem to be getting better and better as it gets closer to the 25th.

My dad and I will be cooking up a Christmas feast a week from today and he has a stuffed pork tenderloin recipe he has been practicing.  Do any of you have some good veggie dishes that you wouldn't mind sharing with me?  This caramelized onion quiche recipe looks quite tasty.

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