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Has anyone else noticed their parents mellowing as they grow older?  Mine were never highly strung or Asian "Tiger" parents, but they definitely let you know when you were in the wrong or were disrespectful or were slouching or sleeping in.

However for the past few years, my parents have entered a different era.  They go on adventures to bee farms in Louisiana or road trips to Colorado.  Or take the random secret trip to Vegas without telling the kids.  Nowadays, my dad is always down for Siri's crazy ideas and plans and is surprising me with the shenanigans that he comes up with.  When we break things / spill / ruin everything like the accident prone people we are, they no longer look up in alarm and with fury in their eyes.  They just go along their business and dismiss our apologies and tell us it's "No Big Deal."

Case in point: today I almost set my parents' kitchen on fire.  I was trying to bake cinnamon raisin bread (that   made with the mixer) and was preheating the oven.  I forgot that my parents oftentimes store things in their oven when it's not in use and a Silpat nonstick baking sheet caught fire in the process.  The kitchen was smoking and a layer of fine white dust covered the entire interior of the oven.  Not only did my Dad NOT freak out but he also helped me clean the oven to where it's almost like brand new.

I don't know about y'all but I'm both a little nervous and a little relieved about these new parents.  And a little part of me also wonders what they did with my real parents.