I noticed that I haven't done a book post in quite awhile - it's really because, sadly, I haven't read anything worth posting about.

However if you follow me on Instagram, you know that last night was Book Club Night at my house and the novel we chose for this month was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  And yesterday I broke my own rule of book club, which is that you have to read the book.  I got one third of the way through this book, skipped to the last 15 pages and didn't even bother to skim through the rest of it.  I just didn't like it - any of it.

"Tra and la!" is how we first meet Amy, the female character in the book, and the first time that I knew she was crazy.  It's how she starts out her diary entry in the second chapter of the book and the whole thing started smelling fishy from that point on.  Reason?  I could understand maybe if she was a 15-year old girl but at 30-something years of age starting out her diary entry with "tra and la"?  I've kept a journal for the majority of my life and, as an occasionally dramatic diarist, I have never started out an entry with anything close to that.  My opinion of the book only spirals downward from there.

At book club, someone adroitly pointed out, there wasn't a single character in the book that was normal.  Maybe that's what really got to me - the stock characters that, instead of exhibiting depth and complexity of character, only plunged more and more into the deep end of one-sidedness.  The slow-witted, lying husband?  The sociopath wife concerned only about her and her family's image?  As Sheldon Cooper so aptly puts it...

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On the flip side, we had some awesome drink, grub and conversation so thank goodness for that?