Golly jeepers, y'all, it is frigid outside.  I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record (or the weather channel) but it is below freezing, yet again.  Yes, this is Texas.  Below freezing temps without snow just seems like an awful waste.  Enough of that though, we have all the rest of the week to talk about the crazy weather because it's not going to get any better.

Stephanie of Twentieth Street sent me the link to this lovely Presidio Heights mansion in the Bay Area that she thought would be perfect for me to feature in my Hey Homey posts and boy is she right.  This might be THE house on the hill.  Originally built in 1910, this home has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is practically priceless, although if you had to put a price on it, the house is going for an easy $8 million.  No biggie.  I think my favourite room in the house would have to be the sunshine yellow kitchen.  It has a magnetism that I'm sure draws all the guests to it during dinner parties and is casual enough to hang out in on a lazy Sunday afternoon.