I can't believe that Ryon's been with me for over a month already.  It seemed like just yesterday that he was a fuzzy, overweight bugger who was apprehensive of everything around him.  Okay so maybe he's still a bugger who's apprehensive of everything, but believe it or not, he's actually reached his ideal weight and is now muscling out quite nicely.  Surprising what miracles diet and exercise can do.  That being said, he's still a fat kid at heart.  In the past few weeks, he's tried to eat French fries and tacos (guy after my own heart) and I know he'll happily snack on Swedish fish.  Ryon doesn't quite prefer them to good ole hay and grains but he will gladly snatch them out of your hands if he has nothing else to munch on.  And although his weight is under control, we are starting him on joint supplements so that his knees and ankles will be able to handle the daily work he's doing now.  Yep, he is officially more high maintenance than I am.

Ryon's also made some new friends in our aisle and happily goes out with two other horses in the pasture.  So far, no fights and no bites so it's looking promising.  He also likes to cozy up to his stall neighbor, a little pony named Bo, but is still not as comfortable with the other horses around the barn.

My parents have come to visit him a few times and love him like a third child.  My dad asked me the other day if Ryon feels cold in the winter time and my mom responded, "Why don't you ask him yourself?"  They spoil him with apples and carrots, but it's okay.  Grandparents are allowed to do that (ha!).

Other than that, he's progressing very bravely toward jump courses, much more so than I am.  I am still apprehensive in riding him over them but he's shown me that he's just excited, willing, and just needs my trust and confidence.  The next time I share a picture and update of him with you all, I hope it's one of a glossy-coated, healthy, fit boy who isn't scared of hay bales, moths, and flapping signs anymore.