Thank you all for your well wishes last week on Ryon and my cold symptoms.  I think I had a flu fake out because after taking a long nap on Friday, I felt 5x better and the only thing nagging me was a sore throat.  Amazing what a little sleep can do.  That and some sunshine.

This weekend, my mind wasn't ready to be resting and relaxing.  The sun was out in full force and the weather was warm, which means time for spring cleaning.  In addition to getting a hair cut and my car washed, I did a smidgen of yard work at my parents' house.  If that's not desperation for springtime, I don't know what is.  I've had my fill of brown lawns, dead leaves, and grey skies and it'd be nice for some blues, greens, pinks, and yellows now.  Which leads me to the bungalow this week, quite vanilla on the outside but a cacophony of colours on the inside.  I know it's not most people's style and frankly not mine either (wallpaper and stone fireplace in the living room??) but you have to love the whimsy that went into this place.  The fire engine red stove with the chalkboard paint range hood above it.  And the bathrooms, hello beautiful bathtubs.  All the rooms are big and bright, even though this little cottage is under 1,500 square feet but bonus feature, it has a guest house.  Pretty darn perfect for spring, I'd say.