...From the freezing temps, and not a moment too soon.  Today was the first day of decent weather and sunshine we've had in ages, it feels like, and it's only going to get better from here on out.  Which is really good given that Ryon is starting to get blanket sores on his shoulders (he's a busty one, my boy is), and my knuckles are cracking from dipping my hand into ice cold buckets on a daily basis.  I know, whinge whinge whinge about the weather, but don't worry, come Friday I'll be humblebragging about how nice it is outside when it's in the 70s!  You can bet that everyone will be out and about this Valentine's Day, taking up every imaginable patio space to soak up the warm weather that has finally arrived in North Texas.  This transplanted Houston girl is still not used to how late the warm weather arrives.  Let's try and hold off the mosquitoes a little bit longer though, shall we?

Now who's ready for some ice cream?

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