That this past weekend was the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics.  And maybe it's because the cold weather will not go away but I can't really get as into them as I typically do.  We had snow on Thursday of last week and are expecting ice and snow again on Monday night and Tuesday morning.  No snow days.  Just a lot of really crazy people driving around on the roads.  But I was able to catch some of the slopestyle highlights and also spend some time celebrating with my parents celebrating my dad's birthday.  We killed a bottle of prosecco and half a chocolate cake between the three of us on Saturday night and that about did us all in.

Can we move on to how much I love this house?  The funky big window in the formal living room makes it look almost chapel-like.  And the tile, tile everywhere, in the kitchen and the bathrooms.  I know it's probably a pain to scrub the grout on that (always the practical one, I am) but imagine how brilliant it looks when it's clean and gleaming white.  Also, notice all the cool structural features - arched doorways, beamed ceilings, built-in window seats - scattered throughout the home?  I'm all about that.  Oh and the closet.  Of course the closet.