Net A Porter - Wish I could get this one
If I wasn't so busy running around like a headless chicken (sorry to you vegetarians out there), I'd tell you all about the two black tie events that I'm attending in London in February.  And all by my lonesome as well.  At this point, I don't know if it's brave or stupid or both.  I also would tell you how I'm holding out on cutting my disgustingly long hair (complete with split ends) until after this event so I can try to do something with it for these "galas."  I'm not going to lie and tell you I've been doing my usual fashion diligence and shopping for ballgowns.  At this point, I would usually have a few dresses picked out and be in the process of scouring the internets for deals and free shipping.

But not this time - there's simply been no time.

Y'all, I'm going to try to Rent the Runway.  If you haven't heard of this service before, it's pretty much the female equivalent of renting a tuxedo.  Except that you can do it all online and instead of boring tuxedos, you can choose a variety of sparkly, spangly style dresses.  I've never rented a ballgown before (much less worn one) so remind me to tell you all how it goes.  And maybe snap a few photos as well.  Somehow, I think I'm going to be less Cinderella and more the ugly stepsister.

So, if any of you have attended a black tie event, any helpful hints on dresses / shoes / hair / makeup would be much appreciated by this secret tomboy.  And if you've ever tried Rent the Runway, tell me about your experience.