Vikram Kushwah
"It's not your fault that someone is falling in love, while you're falling asleep" I was admonished, the other day.

But how does not one feel anything except for accountable for the emotions of others that we inadvertently cause, regardless of how drowsy we feel at the time?  The things one says before sleep should never be held up to the broad, bold examination of sunlight but kept in the haze-like state that it was muttered in, a peek of the truth filtering through the mists of dream but still shrouded.  The mystery, the romanticism is all lost under the unflinching gaze of day.  Or perhaps in our dreams, we should be apologizing for the pain that we will already begin to inflict.  Perhaps we already do, in black and white.

And oh that feeling of falling... asleep or in love, one and the same practically.  To me, it feels like I am most likely to fall in love right before falling asleep, in that very moment of helpless surrender right before one tumbles off into sleep.  Witless and wholeheartedly is how we should tumble into both of those states.  That we should sleep perchance to dream, of true, non-fairy tale love.  Of real people.  Of those who understand that a way to a woman's heart isn't through the pocketbook or poor spelling and grammatical errors.  How to woo me?  Just let me sleep.