One of the nicest compliments that I've been paid recently is that I have been the personal cheering squad [for a friend] and that I should add "cheerleading" to my skill set.  Which really set me on my heels and got me thinking hard, particularly about the type of friend I want to be.  I feel foolish in saying that, although I've thought circles around the qualities that I would want in a friend (and made sure to reflect those back), I've not reviewed, in a very long time, what type of qualities that I should have in my role as a friend.

I've always enjoyed friendships with people don't allow me to cut corners and hold me to a higher standard - they expect more of me, as they should.  I am the type of person who enjoys being pushed harder and further.  But it's important to recognize the importance of providing encouragement, of being in someone's corner, regardless of if he / she is winning or losing.  A cheerleader provides that unconditional support.  That person will shake pom poms in the face of enemies and shout, spell, and chant with all of his / her might to lend that extra oomph.  That person may even come up with a clever rhyme or two.  I've been so very wrapped up in myself for awhile now, and it's taken an unexpected compliment to shake me from this reverie of self indulgence and over-introspection.  I need to be the friend that others want to have, and not just the type of friend I would like to have.

 So to my friend who gave me that lovely compliment, thank you a million times back.  I shall endeavour to be the peppiest, preppiest, rootin' tootin' cheeriest cheerleader you've ever seen.