Mathew Tucker
So this past weekend wasn't such a great one for me.  My car was stolen from the valet stand at a restaurant on Friday night.  My guess is that the car was taken while it was being staged and the keys were left on the dash.  The police were called, report was filed, and I got a ride back to my apartment complex in the back seat of a police cruiser.  What a way to end a Friday night.  Luckily, my neighbor works for the apartment management company and was able to let me into my unit, so Saturday was spent getting new keys to my apartment and a rental car.

Hopefully I'll be able to resolve a lot of this mess this week and I've been trying to keep the entire situation in perspective.  I am fine, no one has been injured, and after all, it's just a car.  Let's focus on all the positive things happening all around us and keep moving forward.