Was the Easter weekend as weatherful and wonderful as you expected it to be?  I hope that most of you were able to enjoy a three (if not four) day weekend.  Sadly that wasn't the case for me but don't worry, I have a plan to finally use those vacation days this summer.  Although it was intermittently sunny and stormy here, during those brief glimpses of blue and white, I was able to get out and catch some rays.

All that time outside has left the inside of my apartment rather neglected.  What it needs is a sprucing up, the likes of which can be found in the featured house this week.  Clean and crisp with a ginormous commercial stove in the kitchen.  Oh never you mind that I haven't cooked in eons, despite my plan to do so every weekend.  If I had in my possession a stove like that, I'd be throwing massive dinner parties.  Or so I'd like to think.  Something about the road to somewhere being paved with good intentions right?