This weekend was really not enough, even with the extra day I took off of work.  Not long enough, not enough time with my sister, not enough time to enjoy the brilliant spring weather that we've finally been walloped with.  Not enough sunny hours spent on the patio, sipping on Pimm's cups, and not enough time catching up with friends either.  Definitely not enough time spent looking for and test driving cars.

The house I'm featuring this week is also something I cannot get enough of.  I might even risk saying that this is the first house that I've found in Dallas that I would actually consider buying.  Sure, Dallas and Texas weather doesn't particularly lend itself to indoor/outdoor living, what with the West Nile scare we've had for the past few years, but how beautiful and light are these spaces?  The trees look like they provide plenty of cover and somewhat contain the privacy of the home's inhabitants while filtering in the sunlight during the day.  At night, lit up, this house looks like a jewel box.   I'll bet this is one great party home.  The only change I would make?  Putting a pool in the backyard.  Then it's just perfect in time for summer.