The neighbors are blasting Gangster's Paradise into our shared courtyard at 10 pm tonight.  I'm not quite sure if they're confused as to where they live or it's just wishful thinking.

I can't stand or sit right now.  The first time, Wreckett Ryon bucked me off and the second time he stopped right before a jump (while I went flying forward) - with me landing oh-so-gracefully on my back both times.  I've got a bag of ice on my back and Aleve in my system, so right now it's all good.  Falling is what makes it a sport, right?  And now, to online shop for a new helmet.

I'm completely petrified of the spider that lives on my new car (yay new car).  It's a black, janky-looking, fuzzy thing with electric blue eyes.  I swear it was hissing at me.  I've seen it on the trunk, in a crack on the driver's side door, and on the front windshield.  I keep trying to convince myself that it's just Charlotte but my brain is just not buying it.

Is it just me or is it completely insane that it's almost May?  And is anyone else getting whiplash by how quickly this year is flashing by?  I feel like Lauren's Callum just went off to be a page in the Virginia Senate, Jade's Cy and Lisa's Baby O were just born, and Diana had just moved to Nashville.  As Erin recommended, it might just be time to pump the breaks, world, just a tad.

My barren closet needs some help.  Apparently, I skipped wearing clothes last summer (eeps) because there's nothing in there suitable for 100+ degree dry heat.  My online shopping gurus - help please?