HT to Miss Amy
I'm finally almost done putting the mess together that was the beginning of April.  The police department has been unable to recover my vehicle and the car locator hasn't picked up a single blip since it was turned on.  I've repurchased almost everything that was stolen from inside my car and filed an insurance claim with my renter's insurance company.  And my car insurance company has finally agreed upon a price to pay me for my loss.  What a complete mess but I'm so close to watching all of this fade away in the rear view mirror.

So today, I bought a car.  I'm to pick it up on Friday afternoon and, although I'm a bit racked with guilt, I am ready to put all of this behind me and get things back to normal again.  I've been bumping around in a Prius, which has been really cute to drive and gets me from point A to point B, but I'm ready to get into a car that's mine.  You know, with my radio stations programmed into it and my keys on the key chain.  And start moving forward with the summer.  I still haven't given up hope on 2014 being THE year.  Have you?