Brian Oldham
I might have overdone it this time.  I might have pushed myself too hard finally, and my body has fired a warning shot above my head.  "Pull a stunt like this again and we're going to have bigger issues" it seems to be telling me.  I suppose I've known this for awhile now.  Riding too many horses, running too many miles, working too many hours, and it's all stacking up one gigantic house of cards that's bound to collapse at the slightest breeze.  You all know how much I hate taking a break, how I can't really take it easy, and how I'm all about pushing pushing and more pushing.  And I can't seem to find it within myself to take a break and relax.  And I can't find one thing in my life that I can do less of and still be okay with it all.  What happens when your pie of time can't be rejiggered into another configuration?  How does one sit still or calm the mind?  I feel this desperate need to throw myself into activities to the point of exhaustion for everything to be quiet and for my mind to be at peace with the world.  Can you all tell me how to shut it all down and yet keep it all together?