Don't get me wrong, I love this bright, beautiful, clean, crisp modern house with its contrasting textures and calming colour palette.  But folks, this home just spells disaster for klutzes like yours truly.  The sterile white kitchen would be splattered with red tomato sauce and green pesto.  And the gorgeous centerpiece on the dining room table would last until the first meal I served there, where I'd inevitably shatter one by dropping it to make room for a dish.  I don't think I have to tell you how many red wine stains the white sofa in the formal sitting room would be covered in and the sharp right angles of the armchairs in the living room would have my shins bruised for months upon end.  Regardless of how long I would live here for, I have a feeling that landing at the bottom of the stairs would trip me up every single time.  Also, anyone else think they may plow straight into one of the trees in the driveway, especially on a dark, stormy night?  Regardless of movie-star-style pool and pool house in the backyard, I hate to say it but this house would be a death trap for me.

However, if you're looking for a house that won't kill you, check out the guest post that I've written for Starlet's blog Can You Come Home?  Her blog, focused on where garden meets fashion, is in full bloom this spring and she's been kind enough to offer to host a few blog posts that I've written.