Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman is quite possibly one of the best books I have read in the past five years.  I know, way to start off with a bold statement, Rooth.  But if you don't believe me, you should really give this book a shot.  Plus it's only 140 pages.

  This short novel is a fictional piece made up of vignettes on the subject of time.  Time standing still, time moving at different rates in different towns or for different people, and most importantly, what people would do with all these different imagined iterations of time.  And surprisingly, the human element that Alan Lightman frames each vignette with turns each of them into a very personal and touching tale.  I put myself into the story where alternate universes become truths and what decisions I would make.  And the story where people live forever and are always weighted down by the pressure of the past and family.  And Alan Lightman really writes it all so well.  The complex topic is drilled down to its essence and made so easy to understand - it's effortless really.  I'm rereading this book again this weekend and marking my favourite stories.  If you've read this, which are yours?