Hilariously enough, this owl is supposed to be defending our balcony from the pair of mourning doves that crap all over it.  The doves have literally made it impossible to step out on the balcony at all because it is covered in their excrement and filth.  We unfortunately have been too lazy to weigh down the owl, so for now, he is perched on our bookcase.  I believe wholeheartedly in his ability to scare off birds though; he has been creeping out all of the visitors that come over.  I won't lie, I think he watches me during the day to make sure I don't do anything scandalous.  Like dance around the apartment in my undies.  Which I may or may not do anyway.

The headgear that he's rocking now is a result of the wedding weekend in Tahoe.  Somehow, at the end of the wedding reception night, my head was topped with a coonskin cap and ski goggles.  Because that totally makes sense?  But it makes our owl look a lot less intimidating, don't you think?