I'm not ashamed to admit that I regularly shop for and wear men's clothing.  There has always been something appealing to me about men's fashion.  I think it's less intimidating than women's fashion and more consistent and I would more than gladly rock more of the trends and pieces, if only they came in my size.  However, for the below $9 men's tanks from Target, I was willing to go with pieces that run a slightly large.  I scooped them up in a small anyway, despite the fact that they show a little side bra.  I'll just rock some fun coloured undies but what do you think about potentially altering them?  I think the solid coloured tank could transition to a fun cut off.

I also totally buy men's undershirts and A-frame tanks to wear casually.  Are there any men's clothes that you purchase for yourself or steal from the boys in your life?