I haven't so much gone into the reason for all my travels recently on my blog but all the flying around is for the nonprofit venture with which I'm involved.  We have been making the rounds to cities in the US that have a strong and vibrant financial center to recruit finance types for our volunteer team.  My co-founder has a goal of doubling our volunteer team every quarter, and as we grow, it is obviously becoming more challenging.  We are both getting to the point where our personal networks are getting tapped out.  After this trip to NYC, we will assess whether or not running around is an effective method or if we should try another approach.

It's difficult to make a personal connection over a two hour meeting and I've realized that I can only reach out and have a deep conversation with a few individuals per session.  I feel like I need to put myself in one of those Calvin and Hobbes duplicators.  Luckily, my co-founder has a very dynamic and charismatic personality, which allows me to thrive in the quieter and more personable moments.  I feel pretty lucky to have a unique working relationship like ours.