If this main house and guest cottage aren't the definition of fabulosity, then I'm not sure what is.  Red brick crawling with ivy and surrounded by a lush expanse of green - we're not in Kansas anymore, are we Toto?  But yes, like all of my other houses, this one is in the smack dab middle of Houston.  I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't even have to live IN this house, just sitting outside on the lawn would be enough for me.  Couldn't you imagine yourself lawn bowling or playing ladder golf in the evenings with a party of people?

This compound was originally built in 1931.  I actually am having a really hard time deciding whether I like the main house or guest cottage better.  Just to satiate your curiosity, I've also included some of the interior snapshots.  But really, the outside is what it's all about.

PS - The photographer did an awesome job of choosing to take pictures of this compound at dusk, don't you think?