I know a few of you have probably already read this book but I hadn't heard about it until a few weeks ago.  A dear friend of mine had returned from her Around The World Trip and picked Maximum City up along the way.  She's also a Bombay native and knows that I have a penchant for reading about India and a deep appreciation for Indian authors.

I came away with a shaken and enlightened view of Bombay and the people who live in it.  Suketu Mehta does a (excuse my language) bombass job of telling the story of policemen, gang members and bar dancers.  The personal element that he adds to the journalistic reporting is perfect as all of the stories have a very human element.  The city, after all, is made up of the millions of inhabitants that are all scraping by and clambering up to survive.  Mehta shares his own struggle with getting to know his subjects and how he views them morally and I feel that the book really wouldn't be the same without that element.

I'm still undetermined about whether or not I would want to visit Bombay and this book doesn't particularly paint the city in an attractive light for a visitor.  Have any of you been before?  If so, what are your thoughts?