A home is a place to keep your things - quite simply.  And some people's things are just really cool to see on display.  Take this artist's home - it's chock full of goodies, from the artwork on the walls to the woven rugs scattered throughout.  The owner's decor style is simple enough to not overpower the art but also enough of a statement so that you can really decipher what his/her style is throughout the home.  This home is actually on a huge over 14,000 square foot lot and is made up of a main home and guest home (you know how much I love those guest homes).  All of the rooms have natural light pouring in the windows and just feel so light and airy.  It's definitely a creative space and primed for new ideas to take root.

PS - Don't you just love the turquoise floors in the master bedroom and closet?  Simply awesome.