My mother is a tiny Asian woman, weighing only 95 pounds when she got married.  By age 17, we both knew there was no way that I would be able to fit into any of her traditional Chinese dresses that she wore when she got married to my dad.  She often peers up at me with strange curiosity and asks how she had a giant of a daughter like me.  We have different personalities but also very similar characteristics.  I am more aggressive, rational, stubborn and a total American.  We are both emotional and anxious, impatient and prone to outbursts.  She is always loving and hugging and the family is always the number one priority in her mind.

I think of the struggle that she has been through, immigrating to the States and not speaking the language, pulled away from all her friends and family.  Then raising two foreign daughters, who are so American, in an unfamiliar environment.  I am not grateful enough to her for pulling and keeping our family together, for centering our minds and our hearts every time we get together.  But at least today, I can try to be.  Thank you mom - xie xie mama.

Mom, Siri, Dad and Me