Frenchie's 30th birthday is today!  He's an April Fool's baby (sure explains a heck of a lot) and we celebrated in pretty grand fashion this weekend - balloons, banners, cake and shots shots shots.

On Saturday evening, we went to Brennan's, a beautiful Texan-Creole restaurant here in Houston.  The restaurant is a sister restaurant to Commander's Palace in New Orleans and serves up some of the finest dining in town.  Brennan's actually burned down in 2008 but reopened 16 months later and it's truly a lovely place, with impeccable service and always brilliantly done food.  We had to end our meal, despite bursting at the seams, with the Bananas Foster, which is done table side.  I am actually not a big fan of Bananas Foster because I don't really think bananas have any place in any dessert (except for banana bread - does that count as a dessert?) but Frenchie really enjoyed it.  Plus, it's partially worth it just for the show.

Happy birthday Frenchie and here's to many many more!