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Siri is staying with us for part of this week and is our first honorary house guest that we've had since we moved into the larger place.  When I first moved to Houston, my sister stayed with me for a night and that was about all she could take.  I didn't have a scrap of food in the fridge or spare toiletries for her to use.  My mother, of course, got a full report by the time Siri got home and called to berate me.  Well no longer.  This morning I cooked Siri eggs for breakfast and tonight we're feasting on short ribs and pasta.  The afternoon snack was freshly baked potato chip cookies.  These cookies were a new recipe for me and the right mix of crunchy, soft, salty and sweet.  And for dessert tonight?  Frenchie's left over ice cream birthday cake.

We also loaded up with groceries this afternoon so Indian food is on the menu for tomorrow.

Let's see her complain to mom now!

PS - How do you keep a dutch oven from smoking when you're browning meat?  I always end up filling the kitchen with smoke - I may not be monitoring the temperature correctly...