F***.  Sh**.  D***.  H***.

All my favourite four letter words.  And verbatim what spewed forth from my mouth last night after doing my tax returns (which will be a story for a different day).

But this leads to another topic.  I curse/cuss.  A good amount.  Not as much as say, Jenna Marbles, but a pretty healthy amount.  And in mixed company.*  I used to curse at work, a very male dominated environment, and it was acceptable there.  My nickname was Sailor Rooth and I have been known to go all "sailor" on someone's ass.  I don't have a limited vocabulary, it's just that I don't find words that express exactly what I feel at the time, except for those four letter words.  It's also, I think, a very efficient and succinct form of communication.

When frustrated, I've been known to curse even in front of family.  My mother always has a disappointed look on her face afterwards and asks me to "Act like a lady."  Which is hilarious because I don't do anything even remotely close to being ladylike, except for write thank you cards, which I am religious about.

People either feel pretty strongly one way or the other.  They're either okay with cussing or they're absolutely not.  And I feel like people either do it a lot or not at all.  Is your experience the same?  Also, do you curse a lot and why?

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*I don't cuss in front of children.  Because they pick it up like sponges and then I get in real trouble.