by Julien Denoyer

There is a picture that I've received, just this week, of my uncle in a swimming pool.  His long white hair is wet and slick against his scalp and he doesn't have his glasses on, squinting in the sunlight.  My dad had sent me the email and in the subject line, he typed: Isn't that Grandma in the swimming pool?  And at first glance, I very nearly thought it was.  Same white hair and there's my grandma's face.  Except grandma is undergoing dialysis in Los Angeles and won't be swimming in the southeast Asian tropics.

It's funny how family members resemble each other at different ages.  In all of my baby pictures, I resemble my dad up to age 6.  He pulled out his childhood black and white photographs and there were the same eyes and nose, like a twin brother.  If my mom had cut all my hair off, we would have been the same person.  In my teenage years, I looked like my Aunt Lisa, his older sister, with the same bobbed black hair, round face and sharp, quick eyes.  These days, there isn't a close resemblance to anyone but I'm waiting to turn into my mom any day now, a role which has been played by my sister since she was born.  And to tell you the truth, I don't really mind turning into different family members and actually really like it.  It's a way of keeping my family close to me, every time I look in the mirror.