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As all of you dear readers have noticed, I have not stopped going on and on about how the weather here is simply delightful and how it's so nice to just be outside and participate in outdoor activities this spring.  Well, Mother Nature has decided to tell me in her own way to stop gloating by bestowing upon me a lovely, glowing, lobster red sunburn.  My swimsuit top has a metal ring in the middle and now I'm left with a burn outline that makes me slightly resemble Ironman.

I'm now slathering on the aloe thick as molasses and have decided that I'm (wisely) going to quit rubbing it in that the weather here is fantastic and the spring flowers have sprung.  I won't tell you all about how I had a delightful Easter brunch of breakfast tacos on a cool patio, back dropped by a blue sky morning.  I will instead empathize with those of you who experienced a chilly, rainy weekend and have not yet heard the birds singing or the bees buzzing.  I won't rub in the fact that I enjoyed a comfortable evening batting about a tennis ball on the courts without mosquitoes.

Sigh.  Mother Nature's sunburn will start peeling soon and I'm going to be that scaly girl, aren't I?  Serves me right.