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Little Red stood on the edge of the crashing sea.  She carefully tabbed over to her power status and noted it was only at 14%.  Her health bar was fading fast as well.  The last health pack "Picnic Basket" she received was more than two levels ago and the Evil Sorcerer and Dragon had taken a chunk out of her.  Red had to use the two extra lives she had found hidden and scattered throughout the levels to defeat them.  It was a shock, as after slaying the Big Bad Wolf on Level 1: The Forest and Grandma's House, she had easily skipped through and conquered the Trolls on the Shaky Bridge and the Witch Triplets around the Campfire.

Last one, she murmured to herself, and then I've saved Grandma.  Gram's sparkly, crinkly blue eyes and silver bouffant floated into Little Red's consciousness and she wiped streaks of tears away with her sleeve.

Red shakily took a deep breath, summoned all of the power from her core and slowly raised her arms.