I swear I'm going to keel over laughing.  This site is hilarious, which I should have expected as cat owners are quite hilarious themselves.  In short synopsis, owners share a picture of their cat and then grade it based  on Appearance, Sociability, Usefulness and Huggability, assigning an Overall Grade at the end.  But even better are the descriptions that they give about their cats.

Like the following description about Pnut Louise's huggability:

"Do you see how fat this cat is? (Also, only I can say he’s fat.) You can fake choke him and he’ll still purr. You can swoop him up and pretend he is your dashing dance partner and he will let you! He loves being the small spoon and his fur is like silk. After he passes I am having him turned into a giant muff-pillow. And then I’m going to Japan and having him cloned."

Or the entire review on Gremlin.

Go.  Check it out - quick!  And try to not roll on the floor with laughter.

All pictures and quotes from Review of my cat, obviously