I love that the majority of the weddings that I've been to with Frenchie have been lake weddings.  There's something so deeply serene and earthly about having a natural water element close by and it obviously presents some beautiful photo ops for the wedding party and guests.  Frenchie and I are attending a wedding of two close friends in late May at Lake Tahoe and I've been having a bit of a problem finding a dress.  Okay, honestly, I've been scouring the internets for a dress since October of last year.  Those of you who have followed me long enough know that this is not a new problem for me and a borderline obsession, however I think I have my dresses narrowed to four budget-friendly selections from Asos.

So the genesis of the above question is really around the fact that I chose the bright orange and purple "Texas Bold" dresses and one of my longtime NYC girlfriends picked out the cream and blue "New York City Chic" dresses.  I'd like for you readers to share with me which one you would prefer and which one you think I should wear.  Also have any of you shopped at Asos before and <crosses fingers> was it a good experience?

PS - A big muchas gracias to Erin at Like / Want / Need for a wonderfully easy to understand and follow photoshop tutorial.  This is my first foray into photoshop.  What do y'all think?

Photo credit: Lake, Dresses