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I'm not good at planning social events.  Having spent six years bereft of a social calendar (I was never sure when I would be able to get off work or have a Saturday or Sunday free), I am not clear as to what the best happy hour spots are in town or what the fun and popular social activities are for people in my age group.  Now all of a sudden, I have the time.  Just not the social skills.

One point of protocol that I have learned is that the big happy hour day is Thursday and that it starts as early as 5:30 pm.  People will oftentimes cut out of work a tad early and grab a drink or two.  But I am still clueless as to what goes on on Fridays.  Do people leave work, go home to change and then go out again?  Or do most offices have Casual Friday and working professionals go out directly after work.  How do Sunday Fundays work for that matter?  I know people are out and about - I see them sitting outside on the sun dappled patios, enjoying mimosas and bellinis.  But how do they get there?  What is the dress code?

And when are you supposed to engage people to participate in these activities?  Monday?  Wednesday?  A week in advance?  This doesn't even broach the topic of mingling social circles and whether or not that's appropriate.  Do you see the quandary I'm faced with?

I would love to go, grab a drink with friends.  Just something as simple as that.  Or am I making it all too hard on myself?

All of this social protocol makes me want to just curl up with a book every evening and just call it a night.