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I'm gonna keep this post pretty short because it literally hurts to type.  Tonight we feasted at Crawfish and Beignets, a sparse little joint in Chinatown (apparently it hasn't served beignets since it opened; they aren't even on the menu).  But boy does this place definitely serve crawfish.  I've only had mudbugs one time prior to tonight this 2012 season but we really made it count this evening.  Two pounds of crawdad each, a ton of Shiner and a whole mess of hotness later, my hands are still stinging painfully from the tiny little cuts that peeling the crawfish inflicts and the spicy goodness they were cooked in.  Spicy as in nose dripping, eyes watering, lips tingling, sweating spiciness.  It's a hotter-than-hell reminder NOT to touch anywhere on my face and I dread taking out my contacts later.

Small price to pay when you're eating these little crustaceans but next time, I may take a tip from the waitresses and wear latex gloves.