This is a 1935 home that has been reimagined by an artist, which will be quite evident as you scroll through the photographs.  The landscaping in the front yard is storybook perfect, like something you expect out of a fairytale.  The current owners have reshuffled the home so that the sitting room is split in two by the dining room, which are open to the kitchen.  The old formal dining room and formal sitting room have been turned into a breakfast room and a morning room*.  So there is lots of room for dinner parties with intimate and separate dining tables.  And just when you think this home is going to be another blank canvas, the staircases, den and landings throw you for a loop.  It's rich chocolatey frosting on top of a fluffy white cake.  And the back patio is just out of this country.

I think I could spend spring inside and outside this house.  What about you?

*A morning room has been described as a casual family dining room.