I really haven't found anything that I like in Houston for my "homey" post so you will just have to settle for this tiny, rundown hovel in Austin.  Right.

The big picture windows in this Hill Country home look out onto downtown Austin in the distance and also let in abundant natural light, filtered through mature tree tops.  The windows that wrap around the study and the indoor/outdoor porch off of the master bedroom really make this house feel like it's perched in the trees.  I know there is an excess of brown and tan tones inside the house but when you have a sparkling turquoise pool and the verdant greenery around, that provides enough of a contrast, don't you think?  I also like the addition of the garden (herbs?  vegetables?) on the property.

One of the most attractive features of the property, to me, is the use of straight lines and angles.  I really like all of the geometric shapes and right angles - from the beams in the ceiling to the furniture.  It allows for those natural elements, the trees and stones, to provide an easy contrast in shape and a fluid break for the eye.