Man, I am POOPED.  Tonight, I cooked for Frenchie and his parents.  They are in town for the week visiting and it was their first time over to our cohabitated space.  Gulp.

On the menu was coq au vin, which I've made before, as well as a pina colada cake, and luckily, it was a success.  The food and place passed the parental inspection.  Which is a really good thing because I am exhausted. I started cooking from the moment I woke up and didn't stop until they arrived.  Hovering over a Dutch oven and being splattered with hot bacon grease isn't exactly the perfect way to spend a bright, beautiful spring day but it was worth it.  I also spent the entire day cleaning up and doing laundry.  I feel like a real housewife.  Except for not like the reality tv show.  Because I don't think they do housework, do they?

Frenchie's parents also brought us this wonderful flower arrangement.  Does anyone know what the bulbous coral coloured flowers are?  They are so interesting looking and I've never seen anything like them before.

More later tomorrow folks.  Tonight I'm just going to get off my feet.