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Her words are like a melody but delve much deeper than that - they resonate simultaneously as a story, song lyrics and a lesson to the soul.  'We must go on.'

In No One is Here Except All of Us, a tiny Jewish town in the Romanian forest evades the claws of World War II by shutting out the world, no one comes in and no one leaves.  The villagers are insulated and reinvent the world to their description, starting over as if the first day is the first day of creation.  That is the premise that hooks you in but you realize 50 pages in that there is so much more.

The main character, a girl-child of not-yet-eleven, is forced to grow up in an unconventional manner.  Time's foot is on the accelerator and birthdays, marriage and births whiz by but only for her.  And when the village's world is shattered, like the many plates the villagers break to create a mosaic of the sky, the individual struggles alone.

The tales of survival in this book are much more different than those in other Holocaust books that I have read.  The emphasis on the individual's will and desire to go on, to be itself and keep itself is one of the overarching themes - and shocking at that.  Initially it felt selfish to me but after awhile, I started to understand the theme of self-preservation and how deeply it runs.

Simply put, read this.  Read it if you want a story that sings.