Oh hello beautiful, I almost didn't see you there.  Just when I think I've found the most perfect outdoor space, another home comes along and knocks my socks off.  You all know this but I love the concept of pools in a side yard.  Walking "into" a home and coming onto a courtyard is so quaint and romantical.  This house just screams Southern.  I can imagine old ladies with pale blue bouffants lazily rocking in the chairs by the pool sipping on some spiked sweet tea.  Kids from all over the neighborhood would come over and splash about with reckless abandon.  Throw some food on the grill and you've got a bonafide summer party.

I've thrown in some obligatory indoor pictures as well to prove the home isn't a lost cause on the interior, if not a bit gaudy.  The chandelier in the master bath is a bit much but then again, a little glamour never hurt anyone.

PS - Some of y'all are so BRAVE and that creepy yellow house from yesterday didn't freak you out at all.  Challenge accepted - next time, I shall endeavour to find something scarier.