So usually I share beautiful homes with y'all on Sunday evenings.  And I promise that I will bring you guys back to your regularly schedule programming.  But this was really too good and disturbing to pass up.  This 1905-built yellow house is friggin' haunted.  So I don't exactly have proof of the hauntings and I know that the burden of proof is on me so please examine the evidence.

This is what makes my skin crawl:

  • The gold "fleur de lis" painted throughout the home.  They look suspiciously like crosses.  Now, ask yourself, why would someone go through all that trouble?
  • Why are there bars on the windows inside the house?  Typically when you see security bars on windows, they're on the outside of the home and act as a deterrent.  And they don't have little padlocks dangling off of them
  • One dim and dingy stained glass window.  That's the only one throughout the whole entire house.  The set up is perfect... for a funeral home
  • One creepy red chair positioned in a spot light at the bottom of a flight of stairs.  Either someone really needs a lesson in staging or that's a ghost's chair if I've ever seen one.  And the creepy reflection of the photographer in the glass does not help
  • One wood paneled room with hooks hanging out of the ceiling.  Do I really need to explain myself with that one?
What do y'all think?  Haunted?